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Re: Werner - Nostalgia

Speaking of Werner nostalgia...

Lately I've been contacting some outfits about our new forums at, where we also just opened up a brand new secwet NCWA HQ forum section! (NCWA members only!).

That's right. 58th Marine Corps (the Wildcards) by their new name of Digital-Legion, Fight Club and Renegade Legion, Armored Fist, 1st Hot Drop and of course Brutal-Deluxe are already musing on reviving a NCWA for PlanetSide 2.

Any interested can join us on ze forums.


Who else is in? :3

PS: Convict411 is quite lonely! Anyone seen 1st HD members like Faywien/Piper, OptFgt, etc? Quite sure Andronicus is coming back. If you have them on MSN, Steam or whatever, please point them to!

PS2: @Korn: Superschnecke is coming to Gamescom Cologne, are you? Jeffbeefjaw is still playing PS1 I think, RAS is playing World of Tanks on and off, but will definitely be playing PS2 with a lot of the old RISK crew, I do believe.
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