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I OWN the Radeon 9700 pro. It's worth every damn penny. I am running it on an older mobo, with a 4x agp max. I also am running it on a 250w power supply (for now). The reason I got it now was that I can max it out, and max out what my comp can use and display. Then I can upgrade other hardware, and still max it out. It's a great card, and DX9 and the cards catalyst drivers are AWESOME. Hell, they even have special screen savers you can download just to utilize some of it's bad ass options.

Plus it's a cinch to install. Just follow the booklet.

Get the Pro if you can afford it. I look at it like this, I won't have to upgrade video cards for about 2-3 years now. Instead of upgrading medium cards every one year for 150 bucks or so.
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