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Granted the Galaxy is slow, granted the skeeter is fast, but the Galaxy can take a pounding, we all know it can, and the skeeter can take, well lets just say dont fly it in strong winds, the Galazy does have turrets, arcs unknown yes but turrets none the less, the skeeter will be zipping around, shooting it up, but heres my bad comparision: take a PT boat and attack a destroyer with only its 5 inch, the pt with its 50 cal. Sure it will riddle the destroyer with fire, lotsa little holes, but will it hurt it? Not really. Will the destroyer beable to hit it much with its 5 inch? Nope, but when it hits it, that PT boat is gone. The Galaxy's Guns are of course not super powerful, itsa primary role is a heavy armored air transport, and its guns are only point defense, but me thinks it could swat a few of those peskey skeeters pretty easy.
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