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Originally posted by Lexington_Steele
I think people who try to use a Moskito as a stand alone killer will be misusing it. (I am sure there will be an outfit that perfects the mass moskito hit and run tactic tho)

I doubt they'll put something in it they don't want you to use. If the thing is usable in such a way, use it! Or they shouldn't put it in (or completely downgrade its weaponry). And every n00b has to learn dozens of rules about what's lame and what's not

Originally posted by afex
you need to go back to school, medium comes after light.

what could be so logically in between them? kinda-medium? not-so-light? duh.
Yeah and you need to be born again, raised in a proper way by some proper parents. Even if he's wrong you don't need to respond like that. I've seen you do that on several threads now, including a couple on the PSI boards...
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