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Originally Posted by CutterJohn View Post
You mean a bunch of tanks with just drivers. Which means they have no gunner. Which means they will be incredibly vulnerable to air, and which ultimately means Liberators would chew them to pieces.
From the gameplay video it also looks like they will be severely weak against infantry. The shells move slowly and look very easy to dodge. Not sure if anyone picked up on that. The main cannon is a purely AV weapon it looked like. Maybe at close range it can kill infantry easier. Link. Also players can sprint making it even easier to dodge.

More on topic I don't think there should be a better AV weapon in the game. Tanks should have the strongest AV cannon. Infantry with AV and other tanks can kill tanks. Or gunships or pretty much anything. The devs need to focus on making unique vehicles with fun gameplay in mind, not creating one-off counters for a problem that can be balanced away if it even exists.

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