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Re: Tank destroyers

They made a "Tank Destroyer" vehicle in Planetside. It was the BFR, and we saw how much the community loved those things. :/

They had immense armor and a recharging shield. To boost their defense they could crouch and become immobile, and their default weapon was Tank destroying weaponry. A single BFR could wreck an armor push, let alone multiple BFRs.

Once they were nerfed, they still function as an Anti-Tank platform, they can handle two or three if the pilot is good.

They were incredibly weak to infantry, in fact, one infantry with a Jammer and Decimators could solo one. They used to be good against anything if they had the right gun equipped, but since they got nerfed they are only truly useful against Tanks. Weak to Air, Infantry, MAXs and slow moving.

It did not work well in PS1. (Though i do enjoy the current iteration of the BFR, though its actually horribly weak now.) I don't think a vehicle with similar function will go over well.

Tanks are already vulnerable to Air, even with AA I'm sure Air can keep the Tank population in check, especially the new Liberator. Lets also not forget about AV MAXs and Infantry.
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