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Re: Planetside 2 'Win' Condition - The Space Race

Anything that adds consequences to individuals and empires actions without resetting the world or disenfranchising one or more sides from playing the game is already on the right track in my mind.

Not only do I think something like this would be a great addition to the game down the road, I think it would be awesome if this were only one of many such features.

I would love to see there be all sorts of diverse objectives that players and outfits and empires could work to achieve, or prevent the other side from achieving. As long as all of the benefits were balanced, both individually and cumulatively, it would really add a lot of fun and diversity to the gameplay, both in minute to minute battles and in month long wars.

I'd love to see different things provide different benefits for different amounts of time. Some things lasting for a day, other smaller benefits maybe lasting for a week or more. Maybe some things only lasting for an hour, a temporary boost that, if you complete a specific objective, will potentially help your empire make a push.
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