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Re: Creative/Odd Mods for Vehicles

Here's a few that are kinda out there...

Mine reprogrammer -- get into an enemy minefield and set off this device and it reprograms the mines to your control (or if that's OP then just disable/despawn them)

Snorkel system -- mods a veh so that it can spend a longer period of time in deep water before deactivation to allow for river fording (If we don't get deliverers, this would be a stopgap solution until they can add an amphibious common pool veh).

Flare launcher -- Lights up a large area during the night for a while, flare could be destructible if shot. (hell I'd like this for infantry as well hah)

Driver exit point bubble -- deploys a temporary defensive bubble/barrier on the exit point for the driver so that he/she can repair for a short amount of time without getting sniped.
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