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Re: Tank destroyers

I don't really see the point behind dedicated TD ground vehicle. I mean, in the same ammount of time wouldn't it be easier to just call in the lol-airforce and bomb/liberate the hell out of the armoured push? Besides, if TD's are slower than "normal" tanks, wouldn't they be quite pointless when enemy goes full Erwin Rommel mode and just drives around your TD's and starts ravaging behind the front lines?

Flying/VTOL Hunter-killer patrols, if somewhat decently organized could;

a) react faster to enemy armored spearheads than TD's.
b) cover more ground when searching for the enemy tank-formations

Basically, only use I see for TD's would be;

a) Siege-weapons / infantry direct fire-support vehicle
Slow speed, big gun, high armour. But then again, I see no reason why the regular tank(s) couldn't fulfil the same role while being more mobile.

b) Opportunistic tank-destoyer
And this would only work when and if enemy was being a silly, and didn't either see your big TD in time, or decided to launch a frontal attack against your TD with a tank.

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