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Originally Posted by metziih View Post
Occasionally, but there is a good reason why TD's are not in use anymore.(Or mostly just are IFV's with ATGM's slapped on to them.)

But again, the reason why there is no "dedicated" TD's anymore simply is, tactical versatility > too high specialization
Well it isn't just the overspecialization but the fact that todays battlefield has changed. Those videos were made in the 70s and 80s which was the end of the cold war erra also know as the post (world) war (2) era. Back then armored vehicles such as tanks still played a major war between military conflicts.

Today war has gone compleetly asymetrical, non governmental orginizations can now have access to war funding as easy or even easier as any nation, you might even start to see some corperations carrying private security forces. Home-made explosive devices can now be manufactured with anti-tank capacity. Also the proliferation of military aircraft can outmanuver any ground vehicles on the battlefield. Even some terrorist orginizations have begun to develop tactics using aircraft in terrorist and insurgent attacks. Putting more emphesis on boots on the ground patroling instead of powerful vehicles and big gun artellery that once dominated the battlefields of the 20th centuary.
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