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Re: Under Maintenance?!

Ah.. If it was only the PS2 site, then I would be all like: A WILD BETA IS ABOUT TO APPEAR!!!

But since it is the whole SOE game forum system, it is probably a big change to their back end system. That could be PS2 related, but I don't see how it would be required in order for them to kick off the PS2 Beta.

IMO: Perhaps a sign we are getting closer, almost certainly not a sign we are there.

Edit: After random trolling I found the following post by a random non-SOE person, it makes sense though, so thought I would share:

I heard the new server farm SoE moved to a while back with the last 24 hour down time was too HOT. They were reported to have portable AC units and fans on the servers to keep them cool. Well this move is so the servers can be place in an area that has the proper AC and will fix the down time problems they have been having.

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