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Re: Tank destroyers

Rolling armor was a big part of planetside 1. If you ever witnessed 20 on 20 tank fights, you know how awesome they really are. There is a huge sky battle going on in the skies, flak everywhere, and you have 20 tanks shelling at each other across a vast landscape. When these moments happen, no other game comes close to delivering the awesomeness that it does.

Rolling armor is a great strategy for open world combat.

Here is the counter system:
Tanks = Tanks( DUH)
Reavers > Tanks
Ground AA > Reavers
Tanks > Ground AA

Replace reaver with any Air2Ground vehicle and you have the same idea. Also, AA air counters A2G air.
Its actually very well balanced. I would only have to say that Ground AA in planetside 1 was a bit too powerful, but outside of that the concept works fine.

Infantry are suppose to be effective when they can hide. If you are out in the open trying to kill a tank or a reaver, you won't succeed unless you outnumber the tank significantly. This is how it is in real life and planetside 1.

This is actually fairly similar to battlefield. In battlefield you need to be an engineer to have a good chance of killing a tank. Air is also a great counter to tanks. AA is a good counter to air and so on and so forth.
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