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Originally Posted by cryosin View Post

Rolling armor is a great strategy for open world combat.

Here is the counter system:
Tanks = Tanks( DUH)
Reavers > Tanks
Ground AA > Reavers
Tanks > Ground AA
This post was excellent - Bring back ADA = Air Defense Artillary - DO NOT put AD on tanks - it never will be realistic. Planetside appeal for many is the teamwork involved with multiple person, multiple different role vehicles where more then one person had to work together to kill something linke in a Raider or a deli, or a sky guard. Thats what Outfits were all about. We don't want 3 types of outfits - infantry - tanks - and air. If you gonna specialize outfits then make if so there are ADA outfits like in the real world. ADA is found moving with the infantry, tanks, and yes even air bases to keep the air ports free of enemy air. Make Planetside realistic in every way. Make it team work heavy. make it so if ur with a team u get the most resourses not solo play.
Planetside 1 was a great game for the teamwork. not where everone got to drive a vehicle that could do everything.
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