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Originally Posted by MrKWalmsley View Post
One good way to stop a tank rush:

Look, the point of a rush is that it is quick. How can a tank destroyer or even several tank destroyers defend against a tank rush if they have a VERY long reload time? The numbers would have to be nearing equal to compensate for inevitable misses, causing the rushers to have time to flank the TDs, ultimately dooming them (due to their slow nature and the fact that they need to "pack up", they would never be able to turn around to get them quicker than the tanks can circle them.

And if you're going to say that they should be placed in areas where they cannot be flanked then you are also asking the developers to re-design vast spans of their map to suit this one type of vehicle, and in such areas all that would probably end up happening is TD vs TD battles or just an easy Liberator strafe!

The best defence against them are mines. But if you really want to reduce the frequency of tank rushing, do you know what would be easier for the developers for you to request? To turn the tanks back into driver, gunner. And I would be right behind you on that, but not this.
Tank destroyers arnt meant to get up close to tanks, theyre not as maneuovreable. They are meant more as artillery pieces hitting hard from afar. Figgy`s drawings are cool, showing them to be bulky , heavy tanks with hard hitting weaponry. Id love it if we see more vehicles like this! I like the scarab design and the `Trminator` too lol

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