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Who says you can't fire on the move with a tank destroyer? And really, do you honestly think a deployable turret will be useful in the field? Field Turrets are stationary targets that cannot at all dodge fire, but they have 1080 degree fire. So no, they're not the same thing, at all.

Play some world of tanks Tank Destroyers to see how they work.

They may have for instance a higher rate of fire, higher accuracy (more stable platform) and higher caliber and lower profile than a tank, at the cost of a fixed turret, or they may even have a turret, but at the cost of armour thickness and gun caliber.

They're not at all like deployable turrets, they're more like sniper tanks, blocker tanks and frontal storm ram tanks (take heavy beating frontally and keep advancing, deflecting shots and simply shrugging off hits with heavy sloped frontal armour at the cost of overall armour). The main thing is, most TDs (some have turrets) are vulnerable in the side, which makes them quite different from other tanks in how you take them out. And that's fine.

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