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Originally Posted by Figment View Post
Who says you can't fire on the move with a tank destroyer? And really, do you honestly think a deployable turret will be useful in the field? Field Turrets are stationary targets that cannot at all dodge fire, but they have 1080 degree fire. So no, they're not the same thing, at all.
I was basing what I said on what a lot of people in the thread were saying. People saying to use it in a defensive role as a hard counter for tanks, and people discussing having it deploy or need to stop moving to be fired.

The tank in my original post, though ridiculous and from an N64 game, is exactly like the tank destroyer you are describing now. Full front armor, heavy gun, lower armor on the sides and rear.

I can see the difference in how these function in the feild, it's a question of tactics and how you approach the enemy. A regular tank would be much more mobile and versatile while a tank destroyer is meant to hold the line or push it forward.

I like the direction that they are going with the vehicles already, lower numbers of vehicles but more customization on the ones they are offering. If you need to have a tank destroyer type vehicle why not make it a sidegrade to the MBTs instead of creating a new vehicle. I could see a tank destroyer variant to a Vangaurd or any of the tanks with heavier front armor and a larger turret, just sacrificing mobility and side armor.

If your looking to introduce a TD thats the way to do it in my opinion. This sounds like it can easily just be a sidegrade for MBTs.
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