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Dear People who are thinking about coming back, or just wanna check out good ole PS1

I noticed there were alot of threads asking about the game and how its doing in this category, and I think my videos give a good idea of how its doing. Copy and paste from the other two thread follows.

Are you a former PlanetSide player or GOTR member? Are you currently un-subbed from the game and are thinking about coming back but don’t know if it’s worth it? Then Meatball/Mobeus has just the right Youtube playlist for you! Every Thursday Night Meatball records the entirety of the Thursday Night GOTR Raid, and then cuts it down into all of the best parts, all for your viewing pleasure! Jokes, action, Meatball’s general stupidity. ITS ALL THERE! Sure the game isn’t as full on population as it used to be, but it’s still a ton of fun! Why? Because Meatball and the rest of the PlanetSide Community make it fun!

Sure Meatball is not the player he used to be, but he does have his moments, as do all of the GOTR members that you’ll see in the videos! So why not check them out? Come on, see what PlanetSide and GOTR is all about!

Meatball will do his best to have the new episode up every Thursday, and will post on the GOTR Facebook, GOTR forums, as well as the PlanetSide Universe forums every time a new video is released.

Heres the link to the playlist!

P.S. Meatball is still just a baby Youtuber, so go easy on his editing skills, but don’t let that hold you back for giving him some kind advice!
He's also covering the game Firefall, which is currently in beta. You should totally check it out!

This will the last time I make a new thread advertising this, but I will be posting in the existing threads every week or so with a new video.
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