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Re: My account still exists, huzzah!

Originally Posted by Acaila View Post
Deebee mate! Long time no speaky. I assume AE is going to be an impressive, world map defacing presence in PS2? I figured I would see you guys around Tribes Ascent but I did get a little bored of it within a few weeks. Are all the guys still lurking around the traps?
g'day mate, we'll be there and hoping to hook up with you blokes.
A couple are playing T:A but its just not Tribes imo.
Think I am the only one active here but I feed all the juicy bits back home.
Hopefully when my account is sorted I can check just how many old faces have taken up the free PS1 time and catch a few of those old school players.
Be nice to get as many as possible back into PS2.
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