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Re: Can't access any SoE website or game service!

Originally Posted by Ataxio View Post
Going into day 4 now, Sony is pretty much just as confused & no word from Comcast. After doing some mega googleing, its looking like an issue with my Arris router...

I can only assume one of two things, my new dynamic IP was black listed for some reason on sony websites, or there is just some weird problem on the backbone of the internet somewhere and my packets are getting next dimensioned.

Has anybody ever experienced anything like this before? I have to a lesser extent in the past, but the issue resolved it self within a few hours...
I think the blacklisting of your IP by Sony is a more plausible scenario. They made a lot of changes to their server security after the big PSN hack two years ago, and it's possible your IP address was part of the botnet that helped the break-in. Blacklisting IPs sounds stupid, but hey, I wouldn't be surprized if they try it. This is doubly plausible if you happened to be using any kind of third-party software to modify PS2's client - for cosmetic purposes or otherwise.

A piece of internet backbone is unlikely to be causing your issue since internet packets don't all travel the same route each time, and in general a bad piece of internet hardware would cause you to have high packet loss (and lots of in-game lag) but not the kind of connection blackouts you're describing.

Have you tried simply calling SOE customer service? Or is there some particular reason that you're not willing to do that?
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