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Re: Can't access any SoE website or game service!

I am currently facing the same problem atm Ataxio.

I was actually replying to my support ticket today about a problem of mine and after doing that i decided to go back into the game but ended up with a black out launcher and after that i can't log in to the main webpage.

This all happen just today and i am in the midst of panic since i have no idea what is going on and i have just VERY recently purchase station cash and my membership. Also i can't log into my account at the website since i can't access the website. DAFUQ you can't even access the SOE support site goddamnitt....

I dunno about the blacklist thing but it might not be for that reason since i have some friends of mine to access the webpage and their having problems on their end too. They are using the same ISP as me but if SOE decided to block the entire ISP that would be crazy wouldn't it? Thats like killing the entire population who are using that ISP....and if its true i have no idea why we would deserve it since i have not breach any rules and i do not hack or mod the game.

also not that it matters but my ign is Solstice3XI and im in SolTech US EAST.

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