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Originally Posted by Muldoon View Post
This would be a great place for me to explain what you didn't understand.
So Hoffmeister,
After having rewatched the shown with a far more clear mind I want to revise my previous statements. Don't know why I thought parts of your interview were hard to understand, I blame my tiredness.

On the note of you guys using the metrics to deem when a sale is required. Have you guys ever thought about promoting specific sales to players with a specific playstyle. Like you mentioned putting rocket pods on sale, could you then make those sales more apparent to players who would be interested in that (new players with more time on ESFs or players who don't really use ESFs). Would that be possible?

Chinese anti-indulgence system. What is exactly is that and how does that play into your job, do you have to recode a lot of things?

Since you've added on the Forgelight tools to such a degree, are you going to help with EQ next given your experience with the engine?

Still don't really get programming languages like c++ (I had no idea there were so many until I looked it up). Glad I'm just a gamer:P

Oh and one last question: Do you always look at it encoded?
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