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Re: Additions to the VR training area

Originally Posted by OctavianAXFive View Post
Obviously people want a ton of things but here is something I noticed almost right away that would be a pretty easy addition.

I tried shouting out to Malorn while he was in there but who knows if he noticed.

Personally I'd like to see range indicators built into the walls of target ranges. That way we can know what recoil is like at certain damage intervals. It would also be helpful for giving us a better idea of what hip fire spread is like at different damage ranges.

I noticed there are yellow highlights on the walls but I'm unsure if they are actual range intervals or not. Thoughts?

Personally really loved the VR area though. A ton of people in it right now but I already learned that I prefer the foregrip on just about every weapon over the laser sights
Good suggestion.

I've tried it and it's a very good addition.

There are a lot of people in there at present and we're getting in each others way in as much as you can't tell how much damage you're doing because there are several people shooting at the same thing.

There's also a lot of fps issues, due I suppose to the number of people. I guess it will settle down over time.

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