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Re: Additions to the VR training area

My feedback on the VR room:

First, it is pretty damn awesome and very useful.

However, i see a lot of potential improvements that could make it even better.

- Bots not playing a death animation makes it hard to judge your time to kill with guns. Give them back a death animation, or despawn them the very moment they die, or give another clear visual feedback.

- Make it so you can always see the health bar of bots, even when they are not spotted or your crosshair is near them. Another way to improve your ability to judge the damage you are actually doing.

- More targets / shooting ranges. At the moment, due to the high number of players testing weapons at only 3(?) ranges, you will often have multiple people shoot the same targets, making it hard to judge your individual damage. You need enough targets for yourself for proper testing.

- Add MAXes to the shooting ranges. There are some in the open field, but those are not at fixed distances, and you also have to run back for ammo/weapons changing if you use open field targets.

- Add some bots that move if possible. Preferably in such a way that they do not come towards you or run away, but just go left-right-left-right at fixed distances in some of the shooting ranges. The reason for this is that with some weapons, it is quite a difference if you shoot on a stationary or moving target.
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