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Re: Additions to the VR training area

Here is a pretty big and possibly complx one i wouldnt xpect anytime soon if at all but what the hell here it goes:

Outfit owned VR + "Wargames"

Besicaly create a seperate instance of the VR exclusive for each outfit, with perhaps the possibilaty to invite people or even entire platoons from outside.

The purpouse is 2 fold.

1. Allow outfits to test certain tactics without some randon shmuck blowing up the targets or othrwise insisting on being a nuisance.

2. Allowthe outfit leaders to set people up into teams (Red and Blue) to conduct "Wargames" as an advanced form of training and testing. For instance if an outfit wants to test a tactic in attacking a tower they set 2 squads as Red and another 2 as Blue with one team defending the tower and the other applying the tactic.
With an invite system it could also be used as a place for allied outfits to have small competitions.

And one small little thing. Make it so players cant get into the shooting range. Those pricks runing around in there are realy anoying.

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