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Originally Posted by Electrofreak View Post
Hello Kelduum. Long time EVE player here (former co-ceo of PlanetSide Defense Union, back in like, what, 2003?). I most recently came from a stint in Red vs. Blue because I needed to get my PVP fix, so I'm quite familiar with EVE University. Though, in all seriousness, one of the main reasons I joined RvB was to teach newbies things, so I can relate to EU.

Anyhow, I hope that you will, in true CCP style, inject more graphs into everything we hear from the dev team. We all know Smed is a big fan of EVE too so I can see why he would want to hire a statistician from that community.

I've said it multiple times before, there's a connection between EVE and PlanetSide in a way I've never been able to describe. They are completely unrelated games and yet again and again I find people who are passionate about both.

Electrofreak, I second that. I too am of both communities (Similar character names too ) There is a connection. I'm passionate about both games myself and enjoy creating music and art inspired by both. Got some art into Eve (alliance logo).

MOAR spreadsheeeeeeeets!

Oh, and Scitor Nantom says: Long live the Minmatar Republic! (even though I'm a nullsec criminal)... Broken Toys Alliance!

Oh and a few of my contributions to the Eve community: (Site dev) (Site dev + Art and Roleplay blog)

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