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New on Public Test: 4/24 Edition - Get Some Harasser Buggy

Don't really know if this newsworthy. If not sorry about that. However some new things on the PTS. Including a couple of interesting tidbits.

However, as of this post, logging in is a wee bit tricky as it won't let you. Chars are seemingly wiped. See for yourself.
  • The Harasser buggy is now available to all factions on test server
  • A three person vehicle with a driver, a gunner, and a (MAX capable) rumble seat
  • The map and minimap should now respect your empire color selections
  • VR zone consumables no longer eat your resources when resupply them
  • Explosives that are set to auto resupply will now attempt to purchase up to the max equip count for an item based on your available resources
  • Placed deployables should no longer disappear (to your client) when a you travel 300 meters away from them
  • Added a toggle for the empire-colored explosion animations on the map
  • Single Use Camos are being hidden in the marketplace. Very few people use/purchase them and with the recent loadout changes that show unpurchased items they are bloating the UI.
  • Refactored the Map UI so it’s performance should be significantly improved with the new hex system
  • The new MAX abilities didn't make this build but they are super close to hitting test, so keep an eye out over the next few days – it shouldn't be too long.

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