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FAQ on Settings and Functionality -- Things Many Players Don't Know!

Hey all,

The latest in my "Analyze This" video series is up on YouTube. This particular video takes a look into the most commonly asked questions on my stream chat ( regarding everything from game settings to keybinds and general functionality of the game. Some of the settings or binds in PS2 are a little bit hidden or counter-intuitive, or perhaps were added in a later patch and overlooked -- this video makes sure you don't skip a beat!

My apologies in advance for the length of the video, but I was surprised how many regular PlanetSide 2 players in my stream were genuinely were unaware of many of these things and wanted to provide a thorough, yet helpful commentary for as many people as I can possibly reach with this video.

In short, a list of the topics covered in the video (in the order they appear) are:

- Centralized HUD Mode
- Customized Colors
- Engineer Turret also functions as an Ammo Box!
- Holding Breath while sniping to avoid scope sway
- Redeploying via Hotkey (continue moving around)
- Instant Action via Hotkey with preview of deployment region
- Autorun (yes, it was finally added by popular demand!)
- Selectable Fire Modes
- Toggling Attachments (Laser Dot/Flashlight)
- Expanding Minimap
- Zooming Minimap
- Turning Off Voice Chat for certain channels
- Vehicle Management Pane
- Pitching Aircraft via keys for greater mobility

As always, thank you all so much for your support and feedback. If you found this useful, please hit that thumbs up button and subscribe/follow my channels for future content! You can give me a holler on Twitter @xItZMuRdAx as well.


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