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Ok, I'm having a hard time finding this out and have so far only found one or two answers which don't even match up.

I checked up on google and found one guy saying it uses up 1.4 gig in 4 hours (some problem with the data going back and forth I think).

And I got another that says it's about 100-150mb an hour.

I need to know how much PS2 uses per hour. And it needs to be time spent actively with all that good fighting going on since it seems to use more internet usage when more's happening (just standing at a warp gate doesn't seem to use much).

I only get 40 gig a month and I need to know how much I'll be using in gameplay. I'd imagine it'll be 700-800 in six hours but under no circumstances can it go over 900. I get like 1.4 gig a day man and need to do other net stuff too.

So... Yea. Lemmie know how much you guys are using.

And yes, I know there's internet trackers, but if I'm just going to overshoot anyway when playing, it's going to be internet usage wasted on download.

They really should put in how much bandwidth is used per hours in system requirements on internet games. >_>

Edit: And now I saw one guy saying it's 60-80 an hour. I'm getting different answers all over the place. O.O

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