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Curious why you would like to know, bandwidth restrictions on your ISP?

Totally forgot about this thread. Anyways, I only get 40 gig a month (UK btw) with BT. The plus side is that if anything goes wrong with the modem/router, it's free to replace. The minus side is that the only option under unlimited is 40 gig a month (which I assume is actually a terabyte).

Now take into account that games are taking up more and more memory (and therefore internet useage) to download. And with games getting bigger and bigger, the patches for games are getting larger. Why the last patch I saw was on Warframe which is 900mb. Since I've used at least a good 15 gig (mainly on a download) I canceled the process and frankly, am scared to play it again for fear of similar sized patches.

And I still haven't put on Vindictus since getting this comp which I've been meaning too. Which is another download. And is an online game. Which means more patching. The play time itself doesn't really matter compared to all of that (as long as it doesn't exceed a gig in 6 hours).

And there's also browsing. That might not seem like a lot, but with all these damn video ads popping up every other page...

And of course there's browsing and other internet activities. Coughporncough. Kidding. But seriously, there are other things to be taken into consideration.

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