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Re: Santorum Drops Out

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
Curiously, the Huffington Post has the largest number of articles on the subject, with MSNBC getting a splash. Saw plenty of left-wing nutjob articles on it, but nothing really from NBC, ABC, or Fox. That makes me question the motive. The content I see is all in response to some comments that don't discuss the context.

It's a big stretch from a politician who may have been either misinformed and/or made some stupid comments to the sort of slander you spewed forth.

Irrational people like you are what pushed me from being a moderate liberal to a moderate conservative. There's only so much asininity one can take.
You're going to question the motive? who's motive? the liberal biased media or the conservative biased media?
They both have clear motives for either mentioning the story or not mentioning it.
I also gave you the source of those news stories with the words coming from Santorum's very own mouth.

You would think an honest man would admit his error and apologise to the nation he just slandered.

Still waiting on that apology from "honest man" Santorum.

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