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Some thoughts on Medic progression

The basic toolchest of the medic is pretty uninspiring. I think there are a few more advanced tools medics could have access to.

Base medics would of course have the standard 'watch the scroll bar' method of healing and reviving.

After a certain point in the certs, medics would get the ability to apply a large amount of goo to a player at once, healing them over time. There would then be a cooldown on the medical applicator before another could be shot. 5 or 10s, with certs for reducing the cooldown. The HoT would remain active when taking damage and when at full health, making it possibly useful for breaching enemy positions.

Goo grenades. Shoots out a big puff of glue in an area healing everyone. This would also possibly put out burning damage, such as plasma, if such a thing exists.

Medical terminal. A terminal that heals anyone standing in front of it. An upgrade of this would change it to an area effect heal. These would have a limited amount of healing ability, either an internal reservoir of goo, or a reservoir that recharges at a fixed rate so it cannot heal everyone forever. Easily destroyed, so that it is difficult to use when fighting.

Underbarrel medic attachment: Has all the same functions as a medic tool, but attaches underneath an MA rifle, allowing for quick switches to medic functionality. Cannot be used on self.
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