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Re: Some thoughts on Medic progression

Obviously the numbers would need tweaked but the basic idea seems good. You would have to not allow for stacking, so even if 5 healing 'nades were out, only one healing effect could be on you at a time.

Keep in mind we are prob gonna die super fast, hopefully not as fast as BF (def wont see CoD ttk cause tahts instant) but still gonna be fast. Medics wont have nearly the use that they had unless thats accounted for. People wont have as much time to react and take cover and move more tactically, gonna be alot of instant death so less healing goin on in the traditional manner.

Things that can be done on the fly or burst healing is about all you can do to make the medic really attractive. Possibly some things that might normally be engineer territory, like small deployable shield that heals those in it, or somthin along those lines. There are a million little tricks you could do for medic goodies. Even stealing ideas from healers in mmo's to see how they apply heals in various ways, could give you some ideas.
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