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Re: Some of the recent images that have really got me going.

Originally Posted by Infektion View Post
Looks like I either need to A) Overclock my E8400 back to 4.2Ghz, or b) Get another GTX 460 to SLI.... or C) Finally shell out for an i5 2500k AND get an extra GTX 460 SLI
I'm hoping my new system will be able to play it full whack. If not im gona get some more pennies together for a upgraded gcard.

Originally Posted by Xyntech View Post
I am so going to need to upgrade.

I love how much more vertical PS2 seems.

I can't wait to see them do a continent like Cyssor or Searhus, where we will have a gigantic mountain that we can finally see from a distance in all of its glory.
The game just looks so much like its being the game Planetside 1 done a good job of trying to be.

It just seems to have it all.

Originally Posted by headcrab13 View Post
Regardless of when it's done, this game is going to be sooo worth the wait. Great choices, these are some of my favorite shots too.
Yea, its looking that way. But there has to be a downfall, it just seems to good to be true?

Originally Posted by RawketLawnchair View Post
Gotta love this one, its too beautiful to pass up.
That's probably my fave of the lot. Look at the sky..............
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