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Just for the record tonight on Emerald Serpus (or someone named serpus) was in the Sanc talking about how he got banned from the OF.

I don't really care what people do in the general chat, posting your lunch was kinda fun amongst the 2000 nerf posts.

As for you pietro, I know that the big evil corporate entity that is SOE is trying to get you, adn that this entire situation is horridly unfair, but the absolute LAST thing you do is get more forum spam going about FREE PIETRO!

Deal with it like the adult you claim to be, call a CSR, Write an E-mail, but if you Honestly think that a forum petition is going to change your state then you are sadly mistaken.

I can say you shot your mouth off somehow to earn that ban... now live with the consequence, as unfair as they may be.

The only real test of Courage is the last!
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