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Re: Could BFRs work better with the new resource system?

Originally Posted by CutterJohn View Post
Then what is being said? That we don't need a skyguard because we already have MAXs? Then why where Skyguards in PS1?
Eugh, I can't believe I'm wasting my time with this.

The Skyguard's role in PS1 was vehicle-based AA and it accompanied the tanks, sunderers, etc as vehicle-based Anti-Air. Pretty obvious. It was very fast but countered by being very fragile. An AA MAX could not keep up with the vehicle advance, nor could it escort tanks or other ground forces. One was essentially an infantry-based counter to Aircraft that was effective but slow, the other was a vehicle based counter that can deploy rapidly and escort tanks.

The Skyguard's role in PS2 has been relegated to the Lightning primarily, being small, light, fast, and the best AA support. They combined the two roles. MBTs also have some AA they can use themselves but from what we've heard in the nanite vehicles webcast the Lightning will be the best at it and is the spiritual successor to the Skyguard.

And nobody is saying not to have new vehicles in the game, thats just ridiculous. They're saying not to have MECHS in the game, which is a specific type of vehicle which we have already established has no role that another vehicle can't do better. Except for the role of game-breaker, they definitely do that better than anything else.

Adding vehicle customization means we are going to have fewer vehicles because existing vehicles can be retooled for multiple roles. Like the Mosquito/wasp/reaver -> all one vehicle now with different configurations.

I like the idea of new vehicles. I like boats for continents that are designed for them. I liked the phantasm as a specialized small-scale deployment vehicle. I liked the flail as a tactical vehicle, though it could use a redesign, but it does have a distinct role of artillery. I liked buggies because they were fun and had effective weapon systems and rexo could drive them. Lots of ideas are around for vehicles. It's just mechs people dont like because we learned why they are terrible. And there's no reason to add them, as we've already established here. They serve no purpose other than as super vehicles.
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