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Re: Could BFRs work better with the new resource system?

I agree BFRs shouldn't be in PS2. That is not my point. Read what I wrote.

If BFRs had been large tracked vehicles with exactly the same stats, we would not now be having this conversation.
If, in planetside 1, BFRs had not been large walking vehicles, but instead large tracked vehicles, and absolutely nothing else about them, not the weapons, the stats, the shield, the fact that one could fly, etc, was changed, they would have still been shitty overpowered vehicles. The only difference there would be is that in an argument about BFRs, everyone would agree that meant

'No shitty overpowered vehicles'


'No tracked vehicles of any kind.'

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
And nobody is saying not to have new vehicles in the game, thats just ridiculous. They're saying not to have MECHS in the game, which is a specific type of vehicle which we have already established has no role that another vehicle can't do better. Except for the role of game-breaker, they definitely do that better than anything else.
If you want to bring RL into this, then we have to get rid of the magic vanu hover vehicles as well, since they are physically impossible. If you're not bring RL into this, then there is only one role its not as good at, that of giving cover to infantry, because everything else is arbitrary and can be compensated for. Which does not make them automatically OP, or even particularly difficult to balance.

But you're right when you say this is a waste of time. Its a shame the PS1 devs ruined this for everyone. Just as much of a shame that after 8 years you people are still blaming the design rather than the implementation.

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