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Re: Could BFRs work better with the new resource system?

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
Cutter that is because Mechs only have one role - supervehicles.

If you can come up with a significant role that they can fill that another vehicle doesn't already or conceivably could fulfill better, then by all means share.
I already gave 3 examples of different roles they could fill, which you shot down, despite the fact that they could easily be valid.

AA vehicle like skyguard. You said MAXs exist. But of course so do lightnings. Since the method of mobility makes little sense, having both MAXs and lightnings is superfluous, per your logic.

Extreme terrain vehicle. You shot it down again, since air cover that better. Cept air covers all ground better, so why bother with any ground vehicles?

Long range fire support. Relatively slow, glass cannon, but packs a hell of a punch. Apparently this can't exist because tanks kinda do this too, ignoring the fact that it could do it better, with the obvious limitation that its easy to kill.

They could do any role at all that does not rely on giving cover to infantry around its legs. Not a big limitation. Nobody brings that up when discussing the ATVs.
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