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Re: Could BFRs work better with the new resource system?

There were 2 great exoduses from PS1 and the were all nubcake based rants. the first was surgile. Pop took a fairly substantial hit. People that kept getting worked complained enough the Devs took pity. Then the BFR/Mech crowd started wanting to incorporate Mechwarrior and the Devs were forced to put them into the game there by reducing the subs even more. Like surgile, when methods were found out how to combat BFRs effectively (hotswapping), the BFR crowd complained and got that nerfed as well.

So you what you have now are people that played during beta and release that now the game and what was intended versus the people that show up after 3 years and think they know the game better than the folks that had been playing from the start. The majority of the player base ended up being pretty thick in the head and hence the slow dismantling of the game. Add in horrible outfits that though they were good and PS1, in the later years, turned into one giant shit sandwich. Now the same people are determined to to the same thing to PS2 without even playing it yet.
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