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Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
Here's Sky's version of the poll

Do you like being forced into having a cockpit view?
Yes - I like having my view artificially restricted
No - Player customization and freedom is important
Right. The issue here is extremely simple - should the devs put lots of hours into 3D cockpits that some players will want to use, and indeed doing it in order make them want to use it, while at the same time giving players the option to remove it and have an unobstructed view, and advantage. How can you argue that people should be able to choose? If they can choose that, then I want to be able to choose to turn suppression effects off, bloody screen while damaged, vehicle animations, all of it. I'm not saying these things are being considered for PS2, but if they were, if you can turn your cockpit view off, then you should be able to turn all those things off. Wait, no, you shouldn't because that would give you an advantage.
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