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Re: Network issues, causing disconnects...

Trust me bro, if I could I would, but unfortunately running the ethernet cable would require me to buy an 80ft-100ft cord because of all of the bends going around the inside of the house. That would mean through the living room, through the kitchen, through the hallway, into my bedroom. The landlord doesn't want me poking holes or prying off the baseboards of the house just to lay a simple ethernet cable, so my options are pretty much wireless now. That Asus router is pretty weak. Whether it's wired or wireless I only get like 100 Mbps. I'm not very knowledgable on networking, so I was kinda surprised I was able to connect to the net using an ethernet cable connected to a router, and moving the router closer to the modem, however much I can in my room.

My roomies don't game or download or do anything like that, at least to the extent of what I'm doing. Nobody here in this household knows what a virtual machine is or rather what PS2 is

I'm willing to shell out $100 or more, but no more than $200 for a router as a solution, if there is a wireless solution, however I'd prefer not to, unless I can tweak my current Asus router with some kind of software upgrade (DDRT?) to further enhance the speed at which it can potentially run.

At the moment, I'm all out of practical ideas.
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