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Dual Wielding Pistols (Off-Hand Weapons)


Now, I know there has been threads in the past on this subject, but I wanted to share my own take on it.

For dual wielding pistols to work (be fair) a person would have to purchase another pistol (with certs or actual cash, as usual). This person would then be able to dual wield right off the bat, but would suffer a reasonably large accuracy penalty. When dual wielding, in real life, it is impossible to aim down both sights. That said, dual wielding in PlanetSide 2 should be hip-fire only (much like the way Maxes do).

So, here is a list of things a dual wielding mechanic should have:
• must have two separate pistols, be it another of the same kind or a different one
• no sights
• big decrease in accuracy
• ability to have individual accesories for each pistol, for example: one could have a Commissioner with a flashlight in one and an Underboss with a lazier sight in the other
• ability to choose which pistol goes in each hand

I think this would be a very fun ability to have, and would love to use it, if it would be implemented in a way that is reasonably balanced. Please give some feedback on what you guys think and if you have some good ideas, for how this may work, feel free to share them.

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