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Re: Loyalty promotion not granted to recent customers?

Originally Posted by Brollywood View Post
Just a note in the Pro7 accounts - there was a hitch there, the actual plan is to have Pro7 accounts granted the items using the same criteria as SOE accounts. The current discrepancy here was not deliberate. I'm hoping to have the accounts that should have the items granted (but who have as yet not received them) within the next few days.
A week later... has there been any progress? If so, I'm still missing out for some reason. But maybe I just can see through the requirements.
I have an EU/Pro7 Account.
I have not been a subscriber
I have been buying and spending SevenCash over the course of the last few months on my NC character.

While not as much of a catastrophy as the cert grant a while ago, this "loyalty" stuff is executed (and planned) poorly. The criteria seem random at best, it's not really clear who you are rewarding and for what, leaving a lot of people puzzled and some angry...

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