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You say No deploy zones is fighting the devs, and I disagree. Why, in soccer or hockey, am I not allowed to just stand next to the goalie and goalhang the whole game? The reason I can't is the offsides rule. Am I fighting the rule makers of FIFA or the NHL? No, I am playing a balanced game that gives people a sporting chance to win. If we let any strategy go, we start getting cheap no-skill tactics like that.
NDZ by itself isn't the end of the world, but considering many of the game's aspects, including audio spotting, shields where the defenders can fire out but no one can fire in (legitimately), and so on; NDZ and all of those things are indeed player vs dev.

Now obviously someone is going to say "but audio isn't good enough to hear shot direction". That might be a slightly valid point but not enough to justify automatic situational awareness granted by the game.

As for spawn room shields, in addition to the devs providing the shield and thus breaking the 4th wall, those features feed those who are treating this game as a deathmatch. When players continue to spawn as infiltrator-snipers in a base that's surrounded by tanks, knowing very well they can't get a visual on who's on the cap point from the spawn room, yet continue to spawn there and try to shoot who they can, you know they aren't playing to win. If you're surrounded by tanks and have no hope of breaking out of the spawn room, you should be spawning HA or a tank of your own from the next nearest base, not continuing to snipe from your surrounded base spawn point. Giving the shields just says to the players, "it's OK, you can't win, but we'll protect you as you try to get a few kills."; when there IS a way to win - spawn at the next base and come blast those vehicles from behind.

Now, I'm not saying remove the shield, but perhaps it should go down at some point? Or give some other way of penetrating it for the attackers?

Edit: I'd like to think that this game could be more like a war, than simply a big deathmatch, especially after continent locks mature. Instead of people complaining about dying to mines, know that those mines cost resources, so use your resources better than the enemy to win. Right now, though, with deathmatching all we have, complaining about matters of skill are more in our faces, I know.

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