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Originally Posted by Buggsy View Post
I am interested in tactics, counter tactics, counter-counter tactics, counter-counter-counter tactics, counter-counter-counter-counter tactics... OS reduces tactics, it simplifies the game, it dumbs it down. I am against reducing tactics, like spawning on top of the squad leader (yuck).
If this is true then you should have known the OS's where coming as they are a part of the game and should have had a counter-counter-counter-counter-counter-counter-counter-counter strategy in place. Like maybe wait outside the base for the OS to go off then come in and attack them from behind as they all run down the backdoor into the base or something.

And did anyone else notice how all the examples in the OP where missing the most important strategic element in PS1, that is A SQUAD? You're complaining about tactics and your trying to defend a backdoor all by yourself? Really?
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