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Originally Posted by Buggsy View Post
So what if you can spot them a mile away, you could also spot someone a mile away in BF2142 but that didn't matter.

So what if there's a cooldown timer, how did the cooldown timer work out with OS? Not very good since everyone and their pet hamster had one.
Tactically this was a brilliant move to go with the "so what" defensive manuver here. Well played sir

I have been playing a fair amount of PS1 lately and I rarely get OS'd. Maybe it's because I'm not camping out waiting to get OS's while trying to delay the enemy. Did you know that a really good way to delay the enemy is to kill them and make them have to respawn?. When I do happen to eat an OS I certainly don't throw a fit and rage quit. I simply respawn and get back to the battle.

I'm still not sure why you're so mad about a game you've never played. Maybe PS2 is just not the game for you. I don't know which games are out there that can cater to elitists who a above such dumbed down games as PS2 but I wish you well on your journey. Remeber man, it's just a game

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