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Re: Why I quit PS1

Originally Posted by Buggsy View Post
A) There is no counter tactic to pushing the button.

B) It was an EMP OS which took out my deployables, and it completely destroyed the delaying tactic.

C) In real war defensive fortifications requires less soldiers to defend an area. That's what defense is all about.
I don't know. You talk about tactics and counter tactics then you give up and quit when someone else comes up with a counter to your counter. Its a game not real life, you play the rules of the game not some fake idea about how the game should be. You want to delay them? why not deploy an ams right outside the backdoor? As soon as they roll up they'll do the same thing anyone in PS1 does when they see an enemy ams, the shoot it, buying you several seconds of delay. Then they OS you're deployables, just like you should have known they would, and rush the backdoor. And what do they find on the other side? A pile of boomers. You don't even need to be on the trigger, just seeing those boomers will cause them to stop and deal with them (and I'm pretty sure they would not have been taken out by the OS since they would be inside, although I could be wrong). Point is, if you're so into strategy and counter strategy why quit when you fail, why not come up with a new strategy? Even if they didn't OS a good squad would have sent in some reavers or something to take out your deployables moments before they pull up. Another counter strategy to your strategy. Really what I see in your op is this Scrub.
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