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Does it? I thought SOE did a pretty good job with the F2P model. Isn't that why there are multiple options to purchase things which allow players to piece-meal or boost-over-time what they want/need to play with? Free-to-Play isn't meant to provide easy access to everything. It's meant to allow players to try the game out and if interested to spend a few dollars here and there. Of course, if you have the time and/or skill to obtain enough in-game certs so you don't need to purchase things with real money then more power to you.
I completely agree that the model gives options and that there are many of them. The problem is the interaction between these tiers. Their motivation is different when it comes to strategy vs the zerg. Other F2P games have he benefit of the segregation of populations via instancing and grinding on mobs. Here in PS2 the grinding is done with and against other players. Paying players have bought the time of grinding 1000 certs when they purchase weapons. Nothing wrong with that in and of itself. But the grinding players have to choose one or the other. Or grind so much that they can do both. Nothing wrong with doing that either. But mixing the two doesnt always play out well. The strategy of PS1 will be near impossible with some of the population able to achieve it and the majority grinding exp and ruining any strategical mechanisms in the name of exp.

The 2 pops are not parallel to each other like in most other games. They are in direct competition as there is only PvP combat. Which s what makes Planetside Planetside. Im not saying i know a way to fix it. I actually think it cant be fixed.

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