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Re: WDS is finally not ridiculous

Originally Posted by BlaxicanX View Post

We were given the chance to have community-driven goals/objectives. The community failed.
What? When? We don't have any tools whatsoever to do that. Like...a mission system originally planned to be in at "release" for example.

As for alerts, so long as we don't have an intercontinental lattice and proper home continents, i have to admit i kinda like them. While i still see them as disconnected and artifical and think they should be removed the minute we do have intercontinental warfare, they manage to create a more tangible short term objective.
Unlike this "WDS" nonsense which is simply a disconnected and artifical scoreboard slapped onto a game where having no scoreboard or winner is one of the major driving points.

But understanding planetside is definetely not one of the strong points of the devs, so my fear is when we finally get to have our intercontinental warfare in place they will still rotate home continents, keep the alerts and introduce a new "WDS". Ahwell, i will wait for that crucial time period after the optimization to make my final verdict on this game. True MMOFPS or dull cash of duty turd, we'll see.
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