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To add my two cents to the discussion. I'd say a lot of the issues with zerging (and the associated needless discussions of terminals and generators) vs strategic teamwork could be, at least to an extend, be fixed by making squad play more important and rewarding.

The "set squad objective" option could be extended, and the squad's primary objective might yield exp rewards or bonusses. This means making generators and terminals options for primary objectives and perhaps making it possible to make it an objective to keep an enemy generator alive. Capturing, Holding, or just hanging around the primary objective to keep it defended might yield exp rewards, while simulataneously providing an exp boost (to incentivise fighting and supporting people around the primary objectives).

Such a system could even be extended allow the squad leader to give a preferred squad set-up, e.g. "I need 2 engineers, a medic and the rest of you in maxes for a max crash" with an experience boost for people fulfilling said roles.

It's not a perfect solution and might well require more of the suggestions above (e.g. removing exp gains from blowing up terminals and generators when they are not set as the squad's objective), but it will create more incentive for people, especially in public squads, to follow orders, even boring ones.
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