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Re: twelve hours downtime for current SOE maintenance...

Well... a patch is available, so that has come around faster than I expected. Servers are now showing as locked.

Patch details:-

All Access MembershipMisc
  • Lowered instant action reuse timer from 5 to 2 minutes.
  • Players may now spawn at the nearest facility if they are respawning cross zone and the spawn point becomes invalid during the zoning process.

Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a periodic (every 20 minutes) long frame rate hitch.
  • The S3 scope can now be unlocked on the T1S Cycler.
  • EM1s can now unlock the HS/NV Scope.
  • LC2 Lynx now has a description and the HS/NV Scope can be unlocked.
  • Vanu lady characters will no longer mistake reavers for mosquitoes when spotting.
  • Fixed the Deserted Mineshaft teleporter to work correctly.
  • Erroneous XP will no longer show up on the Death Recap screen’s graph.
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